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3d box set template
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  • ​​​Design STUNNING ARTWORK... with the right mockup (up to 25 books).
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  • HANDCRAFTED ARTISTIC QUALITY RESULTS... just like you see at Covervault.
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Instantly...Give Your Book Sets More *WOW!* 
Now You Can Easily Boost Sales With INCREDIBLE-Looking Artwork!

Takes The Guesswork Out of Creating Professional Quality Box Set Images WITHOUT The High Cost of a Graphic Artist!

This Is How Easy It Is...

(1) Select Your Boxset Template... (2) Copy & Paste Your Cover Art... (3) Click Save! 
Your professional-looking box set is ready for display on Amazon or 
your website. It’s fun and easy. And PROFITABLE!

box set mockup

You'll Receive Templates For Boxsets Up To 25 Books!

All The Box Set Mockups Below Will Be Included

amazon box set mockup

Got a longer series...? You’re all Set!

box set template

Even longer...? You're Covered!

amazon box set mockup

All The Way To 25!

3d box set template

Spines Can Be On The Right or Left

*Only available for boxsets with thumb slot
amazon box set template

You'll Also Find Box Sets Without Thumb Slots

box set mockup template

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BoxsetPro is Guaranteed!

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If you're unhappy with my mockups for absolutely ANY reason at all you will get a full refund within 24 hours.

— Mark Monciardini

Start Creating Incredible-Looking 
Book Boxsets Like a Pro Graphic Designer!

Product Details

  • 72 Box set Mockups.
  • ​Photoshop CS6 or newer is required.
  • ​Mockups work by editing Smart Objects.
  • ​6 x 9 in. Book Size.
  • ​6 x 9.5 Box Cover Size.
  • ​Spine size (thumb slot box): 1.25 in.
  • ​​Spine size (without slot): 1.50 in.
  • ​4000 x 2667 px resolution.
  • ​Use any background.

You Will Receive Top Level Support For The Boxset Templates - Just Email Me...

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You Will Need Photoshop CS6 or Newer 
for the Boxset Templates to Work On Your Computer

Don't have Photoshop? Ask me how you can get a free trial.
Please email me if you have any questions before purchase.
I am happy to assist you with download details for Photoshop 
and BoxsetPro if you need it.

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“FANTASTIC and the support is out of this world.” — Jan S.

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“I used these mockups and I was really impressed at the quality and how easy it was to use in photoshop. I love these! Now I can get my book published!” — Lacy C.

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amazon box set mockup

So, no matter if you are new to creating book box sets or you are an experienced graphic designer... BoxsetPro will save you time, money and frustration. Once you try BoxsetPro you will be amazed at how quickly and easily it is to create new book box set images. 

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Again, If you're unhappy with my mockups for absolutely ANY reason at all you will get a full refund within 24 hours.
— Mark Monciardini
It’s the right time… 
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